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With many places closed during the lockdown virtual tours offer an alternative way to have an adventure in your own home. With thanks to technology you can explore places such as The Louvre, Yosemite and Space Center Houston all in the same day. 

British Museum

The British Musuem

Wonder virtually around over 60 galleries at The British Museum. In addition you can view virtual prints and drawings on the British Museum’s website. Podcasts and audio tours can also be downloaded from Apple Music. Every Monday new videos are uploaded on the Curator’s Corner YouTube channel.

Central Park

Head over to New York City from your sofa and go on a guided virtual tour around Central Park. The tour starts on West 72nd Street and takes approximately 30 minutes. 

Central Park thrive at Home
Robot Tours Hastings Contemporary

Hastings contemporary
live robot tours

Hastings Contemporary have adopted an innovative approach to taking people around it’s gallery in the form of a live tour guided by a robot. 


Sit back and enjoy a guided virtual tour around Longleat Safari Park. You can also download Longleat’s app for a quiz and factsheet to accompany the tour. 

Lion cub
The Louvre

The Louvre

Head over to Paris virtually and visit The Louvre. The virtual tour provides access to a range of galleries. The Louvre was originally built in 1190 and was a fortress to protect Paris from attack. As part of the virtual tour you can view the remains of the original perimeter of the moat and drawbridge. 

Nasa research centers

Get virtually inside two of Nasa’s research centers. Explore what goes on behind the scenes. 

Sea World


Walk virtually around the National Aquarium Baltimore and view the exhibits. 


Wonder around the galleries at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. You can zoom into the artwork and listen to stories. 



Download the app to experience a virtual tour of Space Center Houston. The app is an interactive augmented and virtual reality lite experience, offering the opportunity to walk around the space center and discover more about the journey into space. 


Explore one of the world’s most famous monuments, built around 5,000 years ago. In addition to the virtual tour you can also view interactive maps and get a live view of skies above Stonehenge.

Van Gogh

Van gogh museum

View the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh works from the comfort of your own home. 


Go on a virtual tour of the Yosemite National Park in California. The virtual tour features over 220 locations offering a mix of peaceful and relaxing trails as well as views from cliffs that will get you feeling dizzy. 

Virtual Hike at Thrive at Home

“I wasn't destined to be an astronaut, I had to turn myself into one. ”

Chris Hadfield 

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