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Get Active
It Is Your Time to Thrive.

Challenge yourself and try to exercise every day. It is a common misconception that exercise has to be physically demanding and strenuous, exercise can be fun. Exercise can increase your energy levels and boosts your mood. There are many ways to exercise without spending money such as walking, running and a home cardio workout performing exercises such as squats, star jumps,  press-ups and sit-ups. You can experience a great sense of achievement when you achieve a personal best.

Relax at Home


Practising yoga improves flexibility and balance. Yoga is a strengthening exercise and can also be relaxing. You don’t need to purchase a mat you can practise directly on the floor. There are many online videos offering guidance. 

Home workouts

Boost your energy levels, burn calories and increase muscle strength with home workouts. You can use equipment such as weights and resistance bands or even getting creative with home items such as bottles of squash and packets of flour. Examples of home workouts include a 10 minute cardio workout and high intensity training to get your heart rate going. 

Thrive at Home Work out
Go for a run Thrive at Home


Never ran before? Couch to 5K is a good way to ease yourself into running and the NHS offers a fitness plan to help give you guidance. For the more experienced runners challenge yourself on every run and try to run that bit faster or further.

Virtual Hike up snowdon

Why not go for a virtual hike up and down your stairs? The Morning Coffee Run and Rasselbock Running have set up a challenge you can participate in for free. 

Virtual Hike at Thrive at Home

sofa circuit challenge

If you are looking for an out of box way to exercise how about running laps around your own sofa? Rasselbock Running have set up this challenge. Currently 50,944 laps around sofas in the UK have been completed. Join in the fun for free.  


Dance in your living room to your favourite music. Dancers and groups such as Diversity have made their online classes and tutorials free to help keep the nation dancing.
Dance at thrive at home
Football at thrive at home

Keepy uppies

How many keepy uppies can you do? Keepy uppies are a great way of keeping your football skills alive. You can also practise tricks such as catching the ball on your back or seeing how long you can balance the ball on your foot. 

“You have to be fearless to have success”

Serena Williams

Who is exercise for?

Everyone. We should all exercise regardless of our current fitness levels. However you decide to exercise it is important that you do not over exercise and injure yourself as that would be counter productive.
If you have a creative way of exercising we would love to get some inspiration so please tag us on social media. #thriveathome

Yoga at Home